What is a BMP?

 Much of the cause of our polluted waters comes from stormwater runoff which enter our streams and rivers without treatment. Stormwater becomes polluted by: roadside oil & grease, pesticides from lawns & agriculture, sediment from construction sites, and carelessly discarded trash.

A BMP, or Best Management Practice, is a stormwater  management and/or conservation practice that effectively controls movment of pollutants, prevents degradation of soil and water resources, and is compatible with the land use! BMPs can divided into two categories: structural and non-structural.

Structual: Structural BMPs can be thougt of as engineering solutions to stormwater management. Ex. stormwater ponds and opens channels.

Non-Structural: Non-Structural BMPs have no physical structures, but are designed to limit the amount of pollutants available in the environment that would potentially end up in stormwater runoff. Non-structural BMPs can be achieved through such things as education, management, and development practices. Some examples include ordinances and practices associated with land use and comprehensive site planning.

Here are other ways you can protect our streams!