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What is the Little Blue River Watershed Coalition?

The Little Blue River Watershed Coalition (LBRWC) is a nonprofit, grassroots community organization that is working to protect and restore the Little Blue River watershed.   

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April 29, 2011

La Benite Park, Sugar Creek, MO




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What does the LBRWC do?

  •   offers public education and outreach for citizens, businesses and civic organizations

  •  encourages citizen participation in public hearings and on planning and stormwater committees

  •  works with developers, cities, counties and residents to implement and enforce erosion and sediment control

  •   offers technical expertise to policy makers regarding best management practices and measurable goals to satisfy the EPA measures

The LBRWC is working to bring together all those who have a stake in the future health of our waters for one common cause:  


It's all connected...

     A young girl reaches to catch a turtle with a treasure map  shell;

     A gardener scatters fertilizer to help his lawn grow lush and green;

     Farmers deliver their produce to market;

     Volunteers burn a prairie to restore native plants;

     Contractors clear land for new houses;  

     A boy chases his dog through a woods of giant oak trees;

     Someone sips a cold glass of water...

Although they may not realize it, these people and their actions are connected.  They share a network of land and water; they are part of an ecosystem called the watershed. 

The Little Blue River connects the lives of hundreds of thousands of people!


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