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What Can You Do to Protect the Little Blue River Watershed?

At Home:
  • Install a Rain Barrel

  • Build a Rain Garden

  • Landscape with native drought-tolerant plants that need less water and fertilizer

  • Avoid the use of fertilizer and pesticides on lawn on gardens

  • Only use chemical fertilizers and pesticides as directed---never pour left over supplies down the drain

  • Use non-hazardous cleaning products and alternative methods to control pests

  • Control soil erosion with terraces and vegetated buffers

  • Compost kitchen and yard waste

At School, Work, and in the Community:
  • Install a Rain Barrel

  • Build a Rain Garden

  • Plant trees, bushes, and other food sources to encourage wildlife

  • Plant a garden

  • Incorporate environmental education into the curriculum or job training/orientation

  • Adopt a local stream and become a Stream Team

  • Organize staff or volunteers to implement recycling and proper hazardous waste disposal

  • Organize a litter clean-up to keep litter out of the storm drains and stream systems

  • Participate in Little Blue River Watershed Coalition Events

  • Donate to watershed education programs

For more information about how to protect the Little Blue River Watershed, or to get involved... contact us or become a member of the LBRWC!

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