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Missouri River Watershed Festival

April 29, 2011, 9AM-2PM--La Benite Park

Date: Friday,  April 29, 2011
Where: La Benite Park, Sugar Creek, Missouri                           Map and Directions
Time: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Kansas City Metropolitan Area Students

 (Grades 5-8)       

Hosted by:

The Missouri River Watershed Festival is a 2 state, 7 county, Metro KC regional event.  There will be 700 area students, grades 5-8, and more than 30 exhibitors participating.  The 9th annual Missouri River Watershed Festival will continue the success of previous years.  More than 5,800 students have participated in the previous festivals.  Committee has representatives from a variety of Kansas City metropolitan organizations that support water education efforts.  Members of the 2010 Planning Committee include:

Little Blue River Watershed Coalition Missouri River Relief KCMO Water Services Department MO Department of Conservation Platte Land TrustUS Geological Survey Wyandotte County Conservation District  


Teacher/Student Registration:

Space is limited so register soon.  This year, we     also have some limited funding for buses available on a first come basis.

To register students for the festival, please contact Larry O'Donnell, Little Blue River Watershed Coalition, 6103 Noland Road, Kansas City, MO 64133 or Email

Exhibitor Registration:

Exhibits should be interactive, fun, educational and related to water quality, water recreation, rivers, local watersheds, urban stormwater, aquatic education, solid waste management, or community opportunities/development.   Organizational displays should focus on the organization's connection to one or more of these topics. 

To register as an exhibitor/presenter, please contact the Little Blue River Watershed Coalition at (816) 356-4040 or complete the Exhibitor Registration Form and return to Larry O'Donnell, Little Blue River Watershed Coalition, 6103 Noland Road, Kansas City, MO  64133  or Email  to:


Note:  if you cannot access the Exhibitor Registration Form through the link above, click here for a PDF version that can be printed and mailed.

About the Festival:


At the Missouri River Watershed Festival students will learn:

How watershed dynamics concerns the study and management of the complex interactions among water, land, atmosphere, and the organisms living within the drainage area of a river, stream, or other water body.

That watershed science is multidisciplinary, related to societal concerns, and has important impacts on how water is used by humans, plants, and animals living in the watersheds.

That water is a renewable resource, but water quality depends heavily upon human actions and natural processes in the environment.

That management of watersheds is a complex process that involves communication between people with many different ideas, values, needs, and resources.

Students will investigate the relationships between human actions in the environment and the effects of those actions on the biology, chemistry, and hydrology of water resources.

The Festival teaches about the widespread repercussions of individual actions, shows students how these concepts apply to many aspects of their daily lives and emphasizes behavior changes by demonstrating how an action in one part of the watershed can affect the entire region.

The Missouri River Watershed Festival fosters awareness and elicits behavioral changes in youth regarding non-point source pollution (NPS) throughout the Metropolitan Kansas City region.

Activities cover aspects of the communication arts, science, mathematics, social sciences, and environmental education

The Festival is designed for students (grades 5-8) to learn about water quality    as it relates to waterways.  School groups and teachers tour learning stations with an emphasis on water issues in our KC metropolitan area.  Each student receives a Passport to answer water quality questions as they move from one venue to another.

Subjects addressed at the Festival include: rivers, watersheds, and non-point source pollution, aquatic ecology, water quality, storm-water, solid waste and recycling, wildlife of all kinds, bottomland ecology, Stream Teams, and the natural history of the local site, as well as the Missouri River.

Using hands-on learning opportunities, exhibits, and displays presented by agency, corporate, and municipal partners and outdoor educators, students and teachers learn all about watersheds, water pollution, and stream life and habitat - from the insects and fish in the stream to the snakes, turtles and raptors that live in the riparian corridor.

Activities use a multi-sensory approach to learning, including auditory, visual, and hands-on techniques that present concepts in several different ways.  Questio0ns and approaches that require inquiry, problem solving, and the synthesizing of ideas are used.

Teacher packets will be sent prior to the event with curriculum and festival logistics.

The Missouri River Watershed Festival goals are to:

  • educate participants about NPS pollution

  •  emphasize behavior changes by demonstrating how an action in one part of the watershed can affect the entire region

  • demonstrate how critical thinking in system analysis can lead to effective problem solving and decision making

  • teach about widespread repercussions of individual actions and allow the participants to apply these concepts to many aspects of their daily lives

  • improve participants potential to become effective, critical thinking members of society who will pass these values on to peers and offspring; thereby, establishing a sustainable environmental ethic

What to Expect: The Festival features exhibitors from around the metropolitan area conducting hands-on, interactive activities with a focus on watershed literacy, non-point source education, riparian stewardship and river health.  These groups provide avenues for students and the community to get involved beyond the festival through ongoing stewardship projects. Presentations are interactive, informative, educational and entertaining.  See photos from the 2006 Festival
La Benite Park:

This year's festival will be held at La Benite Park in Sugar Creek, Missouri.  The park is located on the banks of the Missouri River at 291 Highway.

     Street Map 

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2011 Missouri River Watershed Festival

Teacher/Student Registration

Response via email preferred to:

Teacher Name and email address (organizing teacher)


Other participating Teachers and email addresses (at least one adult per 10 students please)






School address_________________________________



Number of students to attend festival_______ Grade Level________

Do you need money for busses? _____________

To register return form to: Larry O'Donnell, Little Blue River Watershed Coalition, 6103 Noland Road, Kansas City, MO  64133

Phone: 816-356-4040                  Email:

Cell Phone: 816-679-7772


Click here for a report on the Streambank Stabilization Workshop held February 22-24, 2011 Workshop Report


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